FBI Apostille

FBI Apostille

If you are planning on studying abroad, working and living in a foreign country, or seeking an international adoption, you may be required to have your FBI Background Check report authenticated with an Apostille or Certificate.

An Apostille is authentication of your FBI Background Check report for use outside of the U.S. in countries that are party to The Hague Convention. For countries that do not participate in the Hague Convention Treaty, an Authentication Certificate will be issued.

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As a partner of an Approved FBI Channeler, we provide you with the ability to request your FBI Background Check online and receive your FBI Identity History Summary Check securely. After you receive your report, we can assist you with requesting FBI Apostille.

Contact us today to request your Apostille!

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To get started:

  1. Purchase FBI Background Check Report:  Go to our FBI Background Check page to make a purchase. *If you have an existing FBI Report, you can email us the PDF file. Please verify with your destination country if the date of your report is acceptable.
  2. Email PDF: After you receive your background check report, email us the original digital PDF file. 
  3. Document Preparation: Once we receive your document, we will print it on FBI recommended tamper proof security paper, complete all government required forms, pay all government required fees, and send your request to Washington D.C. for Apostille processing.
  4. Shipping: After your Apostille is completed, we can ship your documents back to you or directly to a destination country. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The estimated processing time by the U.S. Federal Government is 8-11 weeks from the date they receive your request.

If you have an existing report and it is 2-3 months old, we recommend checking with your destination country to verify if this is acceptable or if you are required to send a more current report. 

Currently, the office of Authentications is only accepting mail in requests. These requests are processed in the order received and cannot be expedited. The estimated processing time is 8 – 11 weeks. Same day walk-in requests are not available.